Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer a discount for non profit organizations?


No, we are sorry, because we are also a non profit organization, our status doesn’t allow us to offer a discount.

Can we hold a date until we can tour the park?

We cannot hold any dates without a signed contract and a deposit. 


Do you allow candles?

We do-they must be in containers of some kind (lanterns, etc)


Do you allow sparklers?


Because of the fire risk, we do not allow sparklers. You can use these as an alternative! http://www.orientaltrading.com/lighted-fiber-optic-wands-a2-13725834.fltr


Does your rental price include linens?


No, they need to be rented.


Does your rental price include tables and chairs?


Yes-your lodge rental includes 160 folding chairs, 19 sixty inch rounds, and 19 8 foot rectangles. These furnishings are allowed in the lodge, gazebo, and on the porch. 


Does your rental price include place settings?


No, they need to be rented.


Do you require a day of coordinator?


We pride ourselves on being a beautiful, affordable alternative to pricy venues, and therefore do not require a day of coordinator for your wedding.


Do you require event insurance?


We do not, for most events. 


Do we have to choose a caterer from your Preferred Vendor list? 


No! You can use whoever you choose-our Preferred Vendors are folks we recommend because we have an established relationship with them at the park.


What dates do you have available?


Click here for our calendar


Can we have tents on the lawn?


Yes, but we require an additional security deposit and need to speak with the tent merchant prior to event.


Can we have fire pits on the lawn?


No, but we do have a gas fire pit in the barbecue area you are welcome to use!


Can we have heaters outside?




What do I do if I am ready to reserve?


Great! Email Cat Chapman at lionsparkevents@gmail.com. We will need a signed contract with as much information as you currently have (don’t worry, we will contact you when it is time to fill in the blanks!) and your security deposit. You can pay via check (checks made out to CLCBA) or credit card over the phone (there is a 3% charge to utilize this service).


How do I schedule a tour?


Email Cat at lionsparkevents@gmail.com


Can we bring in our own alcohol?


We have a fully stocked bar with 16 different beers, mid-shelf liquor and an excellent local wine (www.castorocellars.com ). You are welcome, however, to bring in your own wine and champagne, to be opened by our staff for $10/bottle.


Do we provide our own bartenders?


We provide two professional bartenders!


What is the deposit?


$750 for a wedding, $100 for a barbecue, and from $150 for meetings and parties.


Help! We booked a date but need to change it!


We allow one date change free of charge IF you notify us 4 months in advance.


Can my family cook for us?


Yes! We have a large commercial kitchen for your use. It just needs to be left the way it was found.